• Cheaper, more efficient & innovative ways to cool your data centre.
  • Cheaper, more efficient & innovative ways to cool your data centre.

Stable environmental conditions are vital for the effective and successful running of data centres and server rooms. Temperature control is essential to protect your equipment from damage caused by overheating.

Cooling is also the biggest power drain in a data centre leader so it has a significant impact on operational costs as well as the environment.

RMD will help you to choose cheaper, more efficient and innovative ways to cool your data centre without impacting performance. We can supply, install and maintain datacentre cooling systems for both new and existing facilities.

Depending on the size of your data centre or server room, there are a number of options available. RMD offer temperature control by both chilled water and direct expansion (DX) systems and recommend taking advantage of free cooling wherever possible.

DX cooling systems use a refrigerant gas to chill the air and are the most cost effective in small scale server rooms. However, for larger data centres a more cost effective approach would be a chilled water system utilising free cooling. Such a system can be easily modified to meet the ever changing requirements in a data centre.

We also offer a range of precision - ‘in row’ and rack mount - cooling solutions. Both come with the choice of refrigerant or chilled water coolant and are an effective close coupled system. They are designed to prevent hot air recirculation and can be added as your data centre grows.

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