• RMD offer comprehensive power audits tailored to your requirements.
  • RMD offer comprehensive power audits tailored to your requirements.

Power usage is a top concern for facilities managers and one that is only going to become more important as energy costs continue to rise.

RMD offer comprehensive power audits to help managers understand their current position, identify risk, pinpoint poor performance and make informed decisions.

Drawing on our experience in the power protection industry and using the Hive assured auditing process we will assess the overall health of your facility and provide a detailed report with recommendations for improvements.

As part of the audit we will analyse the critical load and any potential weak spots within your electrical infrastructure. We will also review the size suitability of the UPS to optimise efficiency and power usage as well as ensuring that equipment is adequately protected.

Our engineers will check the UPS system’s load phase balancing. A well-balanced load reduces heat and other stresses on the UPS as well as improving power efficiency.

A comprehensive audit will also enable you to establish a true PUE (power usage effectiveness) rating which will give you the intelligence needed to implement an evidence based energy reduction strategy.

The scope of the audit can be tailored to your requirements and include assessments of cooling, security and physical infrastructure.

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