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Coronavirus Statement Contingency Plan

Commitment to our employees and clients


In support of the efforts being made nationally to control the spread of Coronavirus, RMD have created the following contingency plan to ensure the safety of our employees and clients, and to ensure the continued delivery of our services.

As such we have implemented the following essential measures as part of our ongoing planning;

  • We are following Government recommendations by implementing sanitising of all work areas, asking staff to regularly wash hands, and social distancing in the office environment.

  • We have remote working capabilities for all employees and plan as the situation develops to operate with minimal personnel operating from our office.  This will ensure that our warehouse and critical operations can still function as employees move over to home working.

  • Our live risk assessments which our engineers complete prior to commencement of any works have been updated to include risk from Coronavirus.


We have dedicated personnel who will closely monitor the situation, which will allow us to make the necessary and appropriate measure required quickly to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.

Please help us to contain the virus by informing us if you are aware of any infection in your immediate area, and we have an engineer scheduled to attend your site.

We are confident that we will be able to support you over the coming weeks and months as the virus develops.  Our capable staff are on hand to assist you should you have any concerns so please feel free to contact us whenever the need arises.



Katie Smykala

Managing Director

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