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Power Distribution Units


Power distribution units (PDUs) are essential components within a data centre that control electrical power. Our power distribution units provide you with a reliable bank of outlets from which you can run all your critical equipment, as well as calculate your power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Data centres have a high demand for both reliable power and sufficient outlets from which to run equipment. All power distribution units use power from a single source to power multiple devices in the data centre, but they are available in different forms with varying levels of sophistication.

Our Products

Floor-mounted PDUs bridge the building’s primary power source and the various equipment racks within a data centre and can handle large amounts of energy.

Rack-mounted PDUs are sometimes known as intelligent or smart PDUs because they can monitor and control power to specific servers, switches and other devices, as well as help to balance power loads. 

Ongoing support

When you purchase power distribution units from RMD, we remain by your side to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of your equipment. Our customer service team is always available to you to provide all the necessary maintenance and aftercare advice so that you can rest assured your critical equipment is completely protected.

If you need assistance or are experiencing problems with your UPS products, we are on hand to help you get your system back online and running at peak performance.

If you need any more information about our power distribution units, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

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