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UPS Training


It is important to us at RMD that our customers get the most out of our systems, and we believe that thorough training on the basic operation of all the equipment we provide is essential. We offer comprehensive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) training for your staff so that they can operate your new system with confidence.

This technical training will equip you and your chosen members of staff with the knowledge to ensure that your uninterruptible power supply system is always working properly and is primed and ready to provide the necessary support to your business should a power failure occur.

Comprehensive on-site training

Our engineers have over two decades of experience with our products and are perfectly positioned to share their expertise and deliver comprehensive UPS training to our customers.

Following installation, our engineers can provide your staff with full on-site training on all of our UPS products. Understanding how equipment works is key to ensuring that it is utilised safely, efficiently and effectively.

Visit our demo data centre

​At our RMD head office in central Scotland, we have the capability to offer hands-on demonstrations for prospective clients in RMD's own demo data centre. We can showcase various systems and solutions that we support including scalable UPSs, PDUs, racks and in-row cooling technology.

To find out more about RMD training options or to arrange a date to visit our demo centre, get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to help.

Call 01259 219 362 or email us at






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