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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an intelligent backup system that protects critical electrical equipment in the event of power outages, surges or dips in the primary supply. Our specialist UPS engineers provide vital services for those who require power in an emergency.


UPS systems are used in business to protect everything from emergency lighting and production lines to IT servers and medical equipment. Whether you need several hours of battery backup or just a short period to allow processes to be shut down safely, an uninterrupted power supply is your first and most important line of defence. Our UPS services are here to ensure that you are prepared for every eventuality. 


Our experience

At RMD, our specialists have over two decades of experience helping customers to choose and deploy the right UPS solution. Efficiency is a top priority and our UPS engineers will ensure that your system is neither too big nor too small for the job, is installed correctly with appropriate load balancing, and can scale up in the future if required.

We have strong relationships with all of the leading UPS manufacturers including Schneider Electric (APC and MGE), Riello UPS, Emerson Network Power, and Eaton Corporation. We also have a large warehouse with many UPS units and parts in stock all year round.

Our engineers

RMD's team of experienced engineers are fully qualified to design, install and manage uninterruptible power supply systems for a range of applications. They are efficient, professional and friendly, meaning the service you receive for your Uninterruptible Power Supply will always be top quality.

The range of specialist UPS services that our engineers can provide includes preventative maintenance visits, emergency repairs, battery replacement and disposal, power audits, and site surveys.

Are you looking for a UPS solution or advice? Get in touch with our RMD team and we'll be happy to help. Call 01259 219 362 or email us at






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